Course Detail

Certificate in AutoCAD and Sketch upThis intensive and highly practical course is for those who aspire to work as a commercial Interior Designer in an interior or architectural firm. You will embark on a series of challenging projects starting with residential interiors and then branching into commercial interiors including retail, hospitality and hotels.

Our real-world briefs complex and require you to develop strategic approaches and respond creatively to each project.

Scope of Study

This course provides you with a broad education in all aspects of residential and commercial interior design. You will learn how to develop creative solutions for a range of complex residential, commercial, retail and institutional design projects.

There is a strong focus on design management and construction as you explore the key philosophies to managing your design projects and running a successful interior design practice.

You will learn to visually communicate your ideas and projects using the latest industry software and present your work to an exceptionally high industry standard.

As your final major project you will be given the opportunity to develop your own individual style and approach through the instigation and development of your own project brief enabling you to focus your skills and orientate yourself towards a specific area of the interior design industry.

Graduate with a professional portfolio of work and industry connections ready to take the first step into your dream career.

Career Path: Commercial Interior Designer in an interior design or architecture firm| Project Manager | Interior Stylist | Real Estate Staging Consultant | Auto CAD Drafts person | Interiors Consultant for product | furniture and lighting | suppliers/retail store | Entrepreneur in your own business


  • Residential and commercial design subjects from the Certificate of Interior Decoration
  • Conceptualise and produce unique design proposals for: retail, office, hospitality, hotel and resort design, aged care and retirement living clients
  • Master the latest industry software: AutoCAD and  SketchUp
  • Learn advanced 3D modelling and presentation skills
  • Explore advanced colour and finishes for a range of residential and commercial interiors
  • Design lighting layouts, plans and specifications
  • Design custom furniture and cabinetry and develop industry standard documentation packages, schedules and specifications
  • Learn the business of interior design and project management to be able to run your own successful design practice
  • Graduate with an industry focused portfolio showcasing your unique work and talent
  • Professionally present your projects and portfolio of work using a range of 2D and 3D media.

Study Options

Weekdays and Weekends

Option 1: Fridays| 10 weeks| 9.30am – 4:30pm

Course Intakes: All Year Round


There are no entry requirements for this course, just a passion for interiors. To enroll into the course you will need to first attend an Information Session or Open Day to learn more about the school and our courses. Once you have decided which course is for you, just complete your enrollment form and make your payments to secure your place.

certificate in interior decorationDo exciting interior spaces inspire you, pictures in interior magazines or do you love redecorating your home? The course focuses on residential as well as commercial interiors. It is a highly practical and stimulating course which will equip you in all you need to be a successful Interior Decorator. Weekdays and Weekend classes are available to suit for schedule.

Scope of Study

You will develop skills, creativity and techniques required to decorate inspiring spaces for different clients. You will explore all aspects of design and decoration from initial brief to conceptualisation.

You will explore the aesthetic and functional issues relating to interior design and decoration and develop a high level of creative and technical skill giving you the confidence to work on a broad range of residential and commercial projects.

Focusing on residential, retail, hospitality and office design you will develop the skills needed to develop creative design proposals for your clients.

The world’s leading Interior Designers and Decorators understand the importance of both function, aesthetic and how to make a space sing whether it be for a home or a commercial space. In this course you will be exposed to the latest international design practices for both residential and commercial design.

You will explore colour, materials and finishes, spatial planning and construction techniques for a range of residential and commercial projects and creatively present your work using the latest industry software including AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop and InDesign.

Throughout your course you will be exposed to a wide range of industry suppliers and products through our in-house seminar series and graduate with an exceptional industry focused portfolio of work ready to kick start your career as an Interior Designer.

On completion of the course you will be given a project where you will work with actual clients prior to graduating with an inspiring portfolio of work to display your skills and ability to prospective clients or employers.

During the course you’ll work in a simulated design studio environment so you get to experience what it’s like to work as an Interior Decorator.

Career Path: Interior Decorator | Interior Stylist | Colour Consultant | Interiors Advisor for product, furniture, lighting suppliers and retail stores | Visual Merchandiser | Real Estate Staging Consultant | Entrepreneur in your own business |Interior Designer in a decorating, interior design or architecture firm | AutoCAD and SketchUp Draftsperson


  • Learn to read and predict trends, define styles, understand design styles and the design industry
  • Develop dynamic design concepts and vision boards
  • Create compelling colour schemes using commercial tools and technology
  • Design contemporary and unique residential interiors, including space planning for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas
  • Discover and network with Nigerian suppliers of furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories
  • Develop dynamic interior schemes presented as industry standard sample boards
  • Design lighting layouts, plans and specifications
  • Use specific techniques to produce industry standard perspective drawings and renderings
  • Learn the business of interior design and decoration and how to position yourself most effectively in industry
  • Use the latest industry software: AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop
  • Develop advanced rendering, perspective drawing and professional presentation skills
  • Undertake site analysis, evaluation and client briefings
  • Explore advanced colour and finishes including whites, neutrals, exterior and colour for public spaces
  • Design custom furniture and cabinetry for client specific interior schemes
  • Design lighting layouts, plans and specifications
  • Produce unique designs for a range of commercial spaces including offices, training, retail and hospitality
  • Develop industry standard documentation packages, schedules and specifications
  • Learn the business of interior design and how to position yourself most effectively in industry
  • Graduate with a professionally designed portfolio showcasing your work and talent.
  • Weekdays and Weekend classes are available to suit your schedule.
  • The world’s leading Interior Decorators
  • software including AutoCAD and Sketchup
  • kick start your career as an Interior Decorator
  • Interior Decorator in a decorating, interior design or architecture firm
  • Learn the business of interior decorating and how to position yourself most effectively in the industry
  • Use the latest industry software: AutoCAD and Sketch Up

Study Options

Option 1: Monday and Wednesday| 2 days per week – 12 weeks| 9:30am – 2.00pm

Option 2: Tuesday and Thursday| 2 days per week – 12weeks| 9.30am-2.00pm|Course Intakes| January, May, September

Option 3: Saturdays Only| 10.30am-4.00pm – 16Weeks| January, July| Units of Study

There are 12 units of study in this course

college-interior-design-masterclassFor Experienced Interior Designer

If you’re an Interior Decorator, Designer or Architect looking to extend your skills, then join our Interior Design Masterclass.

Also this workshop is for people in the interior design trade. We love helping designers get the most out of their business!

Are you dreaming about starting your own interior design business? Or perhaps you already have, and you need a boost to take your brand and services to another level?


  • Develop and improve your interior design business
  • Learn how to effectively brand yourself
  • Understand the importance of social media
  • Learn how to collaborate with other brands
  • Get tips on how to build an online presence
  • Learn the different types of marketing
  • Develop a strong business identity and how much to charge for your services
  • Talk strategy with a dedicated tutor with expertise in business, marketing, branding & social media
  • Gain a specialist certificate of completion
  • Learn how to get the passion back in your business
  • Get goals to energize and motivate you to bring the joy back into your day and work life
  • Learn more how to get more out of your design business
  • For Interior designers that want expert advice and get more out of marketing and business side of Interior design
  • Learn how to heighten your design business
  • Get your business to the level that will support your desired lifestyle
  • Join our Facebook group community called Interiors addict
  • Nothing rocks your productivity like being held accountable by us and your fellow interior decorators or designers every month.
  • Designed to increase your know how on anything from productivity strategies to tech tools.
  • Straight talk about you, your creative style and your business. Your straight line to high impact performance in a way that’s fun, original and more profitable.
  • Interior Design Master Class is for Interior Designers and a Creative Strategy for decor brands. Need to elevate your client attraction formula?
  • Join us in a 2 days workshop organized throughout the year.

moodboardOur Interior Decorating Masterclass is offered throughout the year. The short courses are designed for those who want to try something new. Eager to extend your skills and careers options? Or just love design and want to be inspired.

Over Five fun, intensive days, you will learn how to put together a full interior decoration scheme for a space in your own home including planning your layout, selecting furniture, furnishings and lighting. You will explore the theory behind creating a dynamic colour scheme and create a sample board to showcase your ideas.

Learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ from a practising Interior Designer

Have no experience?

None needed. If you are new to interiors join us for our popular five-days Interior Decoration Masterclass. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a decorator and we know you’ll want to come back for more

Scope of Study

You will be designing a space in your own home so we will teach you how to measure your space, draw a simple floor plan and take photographs. You will also need some basic equipment including a glue stick, scissors and two of your favourite magazines.

Course Content

  • Key considerations when creating an interior scheme
  • Vision and mood boards
  • Planning your space
  • Creating a colour scheme
  • Building an interior scheme and creating a sample board
  • Selecting furniture, fabrics and window treatments

Ready to take the next step? APPLY NOW

design-to-reflect-space-planning-1This intensive 6 weeks AutoCAD course has been tailored specifically for Interior Designers looking to upskill and present their work in a professional industry standard. Through a series of practical exercises you will develop a full drawing package for a residential home including plans, elevations, sections and joinery details. This course is aimed at people who are beginners as we start with the fundamentals including commands, menus and drafting techniques and work our way step by step through the training. It is desirable to have a basic understanding of technical drawing but is not essential.

As part of your course you will receive a free student subscription to AutoCAD and on completion you will receive a Statement of Attainment for your resume.

Who should attend?

Interior Decorators and Designers, Architects, Draftspeople, Builders, Landscape Architects and those working in the construction industry.

Duration: 6 Saturdays | 10am-4.00pm

Course Content

  • AutoCAD terminology, menus and toolbars
  • Drawing commands
  • Plotting and printing
  • Layers, colours, hatching and line types
  • Introduction to Model Space and Paper Space concepts
  • Basic plotting and printing

3dLooking to extend your presentation skills? Create detailed 3D models using this intuitive and easy-to-learn program and then bring them to life using Maxwell Render, a photo realistic rendering program. Over 6 sessions you will be introduced to the fundamentals of SketchUp enabling you to create realistic floor plans and 3D models. You’ll use the 3D Warehouse, the world’s largest online library, to import furniture, finishes and lighting.

Please note: Whilst this short course has been created for those working in the design or construction industry you’ll need little or no experience in this software, only enthusiasm! On completion of this course you will receive a Statement of Completion for your resume.

Who should attend?

Interior Decorators and Designers, Architects, Drafts people, Builders,

Landscape Architects and those working in the construction industry.

Duration: 6 Saturdays | 10am – 4pm

Course Content

  • SketchUp toolbars and interface
  • Drawing tools and components
  • The SketchUp library and creating furniture
  • Introduction to texture, colour and painting
  • Applying styles and shadows to a model
  • Importing CAD drawings
  • Exporting drawings for printing
  • One evening of Maxwell Render

Design Kids & Teenagers

Designing for


and Teenagers- For Beginners, Mums, Wives etc

Learn about interior design with the very particular needs and requirements of children and teenagers in mind.
Are you planning a nursery?  Is it nearly time to overhaul your son or daughter’s bedroom or playroom? How can you help your child to express themselves creatively within their own space, and enjoy living with the consequences well into the future?
This 2-days workshop will help the family work together to define a new look for children’s rooms, to source appropriate materials and products, to improve the quality of sleep, and to plan space and meet the practical requirements of the brief.
Scope of study:
Defining the brief and setting the scene
Creating mood and expressing personality
Space planning and future-proofing
Self-expression through color and pattern
Specifying storage, materials and furniture.
Benefits :
Understand stages of childhood development
Learn how to express mood and personality through the application of color and pattern
Plan practical spatial solutions that flex as children grow
Consider sleep and the design decisions that can help improve sleep quality
Find out about specialist suppliers and materials
Be inspired by tips and tricks recommended by professional designers.

interior-styling-masterclassHave you always wanted to become a Stylist? Embrace your passion with this insightful two day taster course.

In this exciting course we will immerse you in the philosophy and world of interior and photography styling. Learn how to work as part of a creative team, source and place props to create images that inspire.

Be part of a real live photography shoot and see how a stylist and photographer work together to create a beautifully styled vignette or product still.

On completion of this course you will receive a Statement of Completion for your resume.

Learn the art of styling from practising designers.

On the day you will

Understand the different types of styling

Understand the role of the stylist in interior and photography styling

Source inspiration for styling projects

Understand the role of colour, lighting, pattern and texture when styling a space

Create a styled image for Instagram

 Duration: 2 days | Time   9.30am – 2pm

For Interiors enthusiasts

No experience necessary

young creative jsaidBe inspired. Join our JSAID Summer School.

Embrace something new! Whether you’re an interiors enthusiast, a school leaver or a creative professional we’ve got a summer short course you’ll love.

On holiday or just left school?

Join our three day workshop designed for young creatives in Years 10, 11 and 12. You’ll get a taste of our Interior Design and Decoration courses so that you can make a decision on whether a career in interiors is right for you.

Leaving school? Try our 3 days taster course in Interiors

If you’ve been considering a career in interiors join us for a three days of exploration and creativity. Our Interiors for Young Creatives workshop has been developed for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 who want to test the waters before committing to a full time course.

Over three intensive days you’ll learn how to develop an exciting interior scheme for a well-known international personality. You’ll source furniture, experiment with colour, fabric and imagery and create a well-balanced vision and sample board that reflects your client’s style.

This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded students, get to know our passionate Educators and get hands on creating an exciting interior space.

Scope of Study

Develop your own personal style

Create an exciting concept for an interior space

Experiment with interior paint colour, fabrics and furnishings

Develop spatial plans with furniture

Create a sample board and vision boards

Duration: Time   9.30am – 2pm

Summer Holiday For High School students in Years 10, 11 and 12

jsaid-certWe celebrate our graduating students with an exhibition of their design work. This is a brilliant opportunity for our new designers to network with industry professionals and share their creative experience with friends and family.

We have a Facebook Group that we have exclusively designed for our students and graduates. This group allows students to interact with each other on all topics covered by our course. It provides a great opportunity for students to meet fellow students and graduants, ask questions, share knowledge and experience, upload work, give and receive feedback, make new friends and talk everything Interior Design!

Design Kidz

Think children are too young to design a room? Some graph paper, a ruler, and a bit of guidance is all it takes. The math required to do this project will have every child working with ratios, multiplication, and division. By using the squares in the graph paper to keep the rooms in scale; we’ll work with your child to figure out the size of the room and what type of room they would like it to be. You will be amazed at what your kids can do.

At Design Kidz we look for forward thinking, imaginative kids with a passion for self- expression through design. Design Kidz is a community of brave thinkers who aren’t confined

Scope of study:

Defining the brief and setting the scene

Creating mood and expressing personality

Space Placing: Moodboards and Floor Plan.

Self-expression through color and pattern