Our Educational Method and Objectives

JSAID offers an accelerated 12 weeks training program leading to a Certificate in Interior Decoration. The curriculum is presented through a series of 12 modules.

Modules are taught through classroom lecture, practical, field trips and independent study (final project).

Students learn a mix of residential and commercial design topics in an interactive and fun academic environment. Courses in the Interior Decoration program are taught one at a time, so students can fully understand each module for maximum learning effectiveness.

JSAID curriculum is designed to familiarize our students with the historical and technological developments that lead to contemporary tastes and applications of colour, materials, and styles. Colour coordination, fabric selection and presentation skills are learned and practiced by the use of in-class projects based upon the needs and budgets of hypothetical client situations. Skills in material selection, pricing, measuring, estimating, invoicing, and ordering are taught by a combination of lecture, in-class assignments, on-site measuring of projects under construction, as well as hypothetical client situations.

Space planning, drawing and drafting skills are taught by a combination of lecture, laboratory, and hands-on projects. Students visit drapery, upholstery and custom bedspread showrooms to reinforce their knowledge of fabrics

Students are invited to accompany interior design instructors on client calls and given the opportunity to participate in actual interior design projects whenever possible. The interior design staff at JSAID is made up of experienced interior designers who take great pride in the development of each student.

The objective of the program is to train the student for an entry-level position as an Interior Decorator.

JSAID reserves the right to change the contents of programs and/or policies and procedures of the school when the administration determines it is in the best interest of the students and/or school.

Dress code is an important factor at JSAID, and students are encouraged to dress appropriately in order to prepare for a career in design.

Our policy at JSAID places sole responsibility on the students. Students are expected to conduct themselves properly and have regard for their fellow students and the school. Students must observe school regulations, devote themselves earnestly to their academic pursuits, and be honorable and upright in their living as well as their association with the school. A student who violates school regulations, interferes with other students’ ability to learn or be taught, is caught cheating, is boisterous, obscene or vulgar or fails to make timely payments of monies due the school will be placed on probation or terminated at the discretion of the Director.

At JSAID academic dishonesty is a severe offense and is cause for dismissal from JSAID. It is expected that the work a student submits is his or her own. Presenting another person’s ideas, methods, coursework, or test answers with the intention that they are original is theft of a special kind. It defrauds the originator of the work, the institution, its graduates, its students, as well as its future students. The student has full responsibility for the authenticity of all academic work submitted. A student who appears to have violated this policy must submit to a hearing with the reporting instructor, as well as the school’s Founder. Once found guilty, the Director will decide the appropriate penalty, depending on severity of the incident. The student may be dismissed, suspended, or given a lesser penalty, at the discretion of the Founder.

During classes all mobile phones must be turned off. Phone calls, text messages, and/or emails may be attended to during breaks, lunch, or after class. No phone calls will be permitted during class hours, except in cases of emergency