Our Founder

Welcome to Jenniez School of African Interior Design (JSAID). The first and only approved educator of interior decoration  in Africa by CID International, Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund

I am the Founder of Jenniez School of African Interior Design and Creative Director Jenniez Designs.

JSAID was founded to bridge the gap in interior decoration and design education in Nigeria and raise entrepreneurs through Design

There is a general misconception about Interior Design and Interior Decoration.To put it as simply as possible; the interior decorator beautifies  a space to create the desired ambiance, while the interior designer alters the space itself and incorporates a comprehensive vision into the room that includes more than just accessories and fabrics.

I observed that the few interior design schools in Nigeria who offered interior design certifications, were actually offering interior decoration courses as Interior Design courses. Interior Design can’t be taught in a few weeks or months, for a proper interior design course one needs at least four years to study. It is like saying you want to study Architecture in 3 months, which is impossible.

I realized we didn’t have the formal education available for a career in interior decoration but we had people who had a passion for interiors.

I decided to create a niche in the educational sector in the interior design industry by offering Certification in Interior Decoration courses which is also as profitable as a career in Interior Design but not misleading, so as to cater to the needs of Interior Decorators.

Our curriculum is in line with the Certified Interior Decorators International, Florida, which is the only approved body in the world, who is allowed to certify interior decorators worldwide.

JSAID is proud to be an approved educator of the CID International.

Our graduates will be awarded two certificates from both JSAID and CID, which is recognised internationally. The title CID can be attached to their names as members and our graduates also have access to trade discounts locally and internationally.

Join us as you design your future and be part of the first and only approved Interior Decoration School in Africa.