Design Your Home Like A Pro

Are you going crazy in your home right now? Noticing how much you hate your surroundings? How does your home make you feel?

₦35,000.00 – 1 Week Boot Camp

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Your home should reflect and inspire you, but sometimes it can become a source of stress.

Decorating your home is a process, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.

It won’t happen overnight, but you CAN make great strides in your home with a little help. Working with a Design Coach to get tailored advice and specific tips can save you money and time spent worrying and wondering.

Save time. Save Money. Save your Sanity. 

Decorating is a creative skill that can be learned, and once the underlying concepts & strategies are understood, that skill will continue to be helpful throughout your life as you move homes and as your needs change with new life-stages. You know yourself best, and if you have the desire to decorate your home, you are the one best suited for it!

Have you tried to decorate but it doesn’t ever turn out like you thought it would? Or worse, you think you are missing the creative-gene altogether? I have good news for you.


Where I teach women how to create an inviting home to nurture meaningful relationships. Your space should reflect you which is why YOU are the best one to design it. I am here to guide you in this process.

I will educate, encourage and guide you. Every session is filled with inspiration, honest and non biased help. I have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to help you navigate your home design journey with confidence.

The Design Coaching is for those who want the satisfaction of decorating at their own pace, using the tips & tricks professionals have learned from years of experimenting to get great results easily, without the headache or overwhelm.

Want to create a beautiful home?