Interior Design Masterclass

For Experienced Interior Designer

If you’re an Interior Decorator, Designer or Architect looking to extend your skills, then join our Interior Design Masterclass.

Alsothis workshop is for people in the interior design trade. We love helping designers get the most out of their business!

Are you dreaming about starting your own interior design business? Or perhaps you already have, and you need a boost to take your brand and services to another level?


  • Develop and improve your interior design business
  • Learn how to effectively brand yourself
  • Understand the importance of social media
  • Learn how to collaborate with other brands
  • Get tips on how to build an online presence
  • Learn the different types of marketing
  • Develop a strong business identity and how much to charge for your services
  • Talk strategy with a dedicated tutor with expertise in business, marketing, branding & social media
  • Gain a specialist certificate of completion

Learn how to get the passion back in your business

Get goals to energize and motivate you to bring the joy back into your day and work life

Learn more how to get more out of your design business

For Interior designers that want expert advice and get more out of marketing and business side of Interior design

Learn how to heighten your design business

Get your business to the level that will support your desired lifestyle

Join our Facebook group community called Interiors addict

Nothing rocks your productivity like being held accountable by us and your fellow interior decorators or designers every month.

Designed to increase your know how on anything from productivity strategies to tech tools.

Straight talk about you, your creative style and your business. Your straight line to high impact performance in a way that’s fun, original and more profitable.

Interior Design Master Class is for Interior Designers and a Creative Strategy for decor brands. Need to elevate your client attraction formula?

Join us in a 2days workshop organized throughout the year.