It is time to Step Up Your Interior Design Business ?

Are you a talented interior designer?

Working with you excites your clients.

You also enjoy what you do.

But is there still a gap?

Do you wish that you could work less and earn more money, but you’re too busy to figure out how?

Do you want to know how to:

It’s time to choose a different path, if you agree with any of the aforementioned remarks.

You can work with an experienced interior designer who will explain the path she took to develop her own multimillion interior design practice rather than enrolling in a normal cookie-cutter coaching program. You can use tried-and-trusted” systems and processes for performing those same crucial actions to grow your company.


I am a Wife, Mother, Interior Designer, Coach and Author.

I teach interior designers how to grow and scale their interior design business so they can live the life they desire through Design.

I have taught over 400 interior designers how to build, grow and scale their businesses, run a profitable business so they can live a well-designed life.

Based on my knowledge and experience over the years dealing with different types of clients and growing a team from nothing.

A graduate of Commercial Interior Design, Business and Branding and Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute UK, with a first degree in Geology and Masters in Applied Computing and IT from the University of Bedfordshire UK.

A Graduate of Entrepreneurial Essentials from the Harvard Business School Cohort Nov 2021.

Prior to coaching, years ago, I launched my interior design consulting company- Jenniez Designs in 2014 which provides interior design services to residential, commercial and corporate clients. Over the years, I have worked on numerous projects for high network individuals, multinationals and top rated schools in Lagos.

In 2016, I founded Jenniez School of African Interior Design (JSAID) to bridge the gap in the interior design education in Nigeria and Africa by raising entrepreneurs through Design.

JSAID is the first approved educator of interior design and decoration. It is an approved virtual training center for interior design by Lagos State Employment Trust Fund.

I share my experience and knowledge through my signature courses, trainings, coaching, consulting, one on one coaching, seminars, group coaching, conference, webinars and Mastermind. 

In 2020, I launched my furniture manufacturing factory and online furniture hardware store.- JD Furniture and JenniezHomeStore.

The Host of the largest interior design conference in Nigeria called the Blueprint Conference.

The Author of the Interior Designers Planner.

A Grant Awardee of the German GIZ Project and United States of African Development Foundation USADF where she has trained over 300 interior design students.

A Mentor at the Fate Foundation and Tony Elumelu Foundation.

The Lead Interior Design Consultant for Dulux Nigeria and master mind behind the Dulux Design Challenge for Big Brother Naija 2020 and recently awarded the Top 100 Most Influential Young Leader in Africa 2021.

A proud member of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, Past President and Vice President of the of the Electoral Committee of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN).

Presently, the President of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN)


What if I told you that you could completely transform your life and business in just 8 weeks?

And that it’s possible to have more success in interior design than you ever imagined? If you’re ready for a complete personal breakthrough, I have an unbelievably exciting opportunity to offer you.

This incredibly powerful, immersive program sells out completely. There are extremely limited spots (only 20) available and one of them could be yours if you act fast.


THE GROWTH MASTERCLASS for Interior Designers


This Masterclass is for interior designers who want to get more high-paying clients and start earning the income of their dreams. Maybe you’ve already got clients, but you’re only earning just enough to survive. Your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like even though you’re working harder than you ever have before. You want to have high-paying clients but you need help to get there.

The Masterclass will show you how to do that and more! You will learn how to market in 2023, how to confidently get a realistic budget from a client, how to charge for your services and close the sale so that you can attract ideal clients and start ramping up your income to meet your goals.

My course is not for everyone. You must be serious about your desire to transform your life and business from ordinary to extraordinary.

At Interior Design Business School, we want to see you succeed to the best extent possible.

Interior Designers are out there managing their businesses and interacting with their clients all too frequently, but there is one issue.

They are too preoccupied to develop and make the significant adjustments that will catapult them to even greater success.

Our effective live and online programs, which are backed by one-on-one coaching, can assist you with:

You’ve always desired greater financial security, freedom, creativity, a higher standard of living, increased self-assurance, and a greater sense of joy, purpose, and fulfilment in life.

Whatever your challenges, I fully understand and know you desperately want to succeed. I can make that a reality for you.

With coaching help, the interior design business school offers programs that can suite any interior designer regardless of your stage in the industry.

Choose the program that Will Help You Realize Your Full Potential.

You won’t ever experience a sense of isolation when you enroll in any of my courses. I am here to support you in achieving success by carefully combining personal coaching with education. You can decide to follow a proven and trusted method each step of the way rather than stressing out over when you’ll have time to start the company of your dreams.

In doing so, I have assisted hundreds of interior designers in growing their businesses. Now it’s your chance.

Regardless of where you are in your interior design journey.

Who is the Growth Masterclass for?

The Growth Masterclass is for interior designers who wish to concentrate on acquiring high end clients and start generating income every month. Perhaps you already have clients, but your monthly income is not good enough to run your company . Despite working harder than ever before, your business isn’t expanding as quickly as you’d like. You want to work with clients who would pay well, but getting there will require assistance.


The Growth Masterclass is for interior designers who wish to concentrate on acquiring high end clients and start generating income every month. Perhaps you already have clients, but your monthly income is not good enough to run your company . Despite working harder than ever before, your business isn’t expanding as quickly as you’d like. You want to work with clients who would pay well, but getting there will require assistance.

Grow Your Mindset

Discover your zone of genius and how to use confidence as a business strategy. Learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs and boost your confidence, business review, goal setting

Grow Your Worth

Create signature packages that will attract your ideal clients and make you stand out as the preferred interior designer

Grow Your Clientele

Identify who your Ideal Client is and what problem you are solving. Learn how to create your unique selling proposition that stands you out from the rest.This will guide you towards creating a marketing strategy for your ideal client.

Grow Your Net worth

Learn how to create multiple streams of income as an interior designer. Learn why people buy from you and the best way to sell your products and services

Grow Your Brand

Create a personal brand your ideal client would want to associate with

Grow Your Business

Learn how to land bigger projects and build capacity for growth

Grow Your Visibility

Learn all the tools and techniques you need to increase your visibility both online and offline so you can attract the client of your dreams

Grow Your Profit

Learn how to calculate your success so as to bring in more clients and income. Increase your cash flow and manage your accounts

Grow Your Team

Learn how to grow and manage your team by creating systems, processes and boundaries .Discover how to work smart not hard

You can learn how to achieve all these and more with the Growth Masterclass! In order to acquire suitable clients and begin ramping up your income to achieve your goals, we educate you on marketing, how to confidently request a budget from a client, how to call out a design price, and how to close the sale.

What We've Added to Our Programs to Get Such Exceptional Results:

1.Create your Individual Action Plan

Customized to your requirements for every year. A personalized planner where you can create your business plan, goals for the year.

2.Group coaching calls ( Only for those who sign up for it)

Where I help you plan, get clarity, make decisions and ensure you take those next crucial actions.

3.Private Whatsapp Group

Where you'll learn more thoroughly, change your perspective, use best practices, and be transformed. It It is a judgment-free environment for one-on-one engagement and in-depth learning where you can form lifelong friendships and partnerships.

4.Step-by-step instructions on precisely what to do

A detailed explanation of what to do and in what order, including examples. Follow the fundamental "how-tos" to help you break down your next actions into manageable bits for quick implementation. Just follow the steps; all the preparation has been done for you.

5.Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Get weekly Live support for urgent inquiries, problem solving, and tremendous clarification. You're just a phone call away from me. We provide the individualized support you require to make wiser choices and find the solutions you require.

6.Access to the IDBS Library is among the deep resources.

We provide you with access to the interior design business templates, forms, worksheets, proposals, scripts, and processes you'll need when that big opportunity presents itself.

Is the Growth Masterclass a Good Fit for You? Interested in Finding Out More?

You can chat with us to talk about your options with one of our team members and see whether one of our programs is a suitable fit for you, click the button below. This is merely an exploratory, no-obligation conversation to assist you determine your best course of action.

CHAT HERE – +2347039474418

Do you want to focus on gaining more clients who will pay you more so that you may start making maximum profits as an interior design professional?

The Growth Masterclass is for you. You will learn how to grow and scale your interior design business and more.


If you’ve been stuck in a rut, not getting what the client desires, these new ways of thinking will radically change your perspective and set you on the path to finally getting what you have been searching for in the Growth masterclass.

If you want to grow and scale your interior design business you have to desire a change. Take it from me – when I first started my interior design business, the biggest fascination I had was how to stay relevant in my industry, be the most sought after etc. I must say my dreams came through as the President of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria.

I want you to start thinking this way. So, in this course I will give you the answers in the GROWTH MASTERCLASS – How to overcome your limiting beliefs and using Confidence as a Business Strategy.

These topics will raise your standard to the way you desire it and allow you to feel confident and in control. Once you learn these techniques, you will immediately know how to charge your clients and land your dream job. I will teach you exactly how to charge your worth. The best part is, it doesn’t take any more effort than what you’re doing right now. It actually takes a lot LESS…

Discover how to grow your interior design business with the Growth masterclass .

YOUR INVESTMENT IS N200,000 FOR THIS COURSE and this offer is only available to just 10 people who will act fast. However if you desire coaching with me, this will cost N250,000.

if you desire extra coaching with me, kindly select this option available on checkout.


Pay to:



ACCOUNT NO: 6501747051

Send proof of payment to +2347039474418 and email- (send your Full name, payment receipt, phone number and E-mail) for confirmation (Your payment will be confirmed within 48hrs).


(You can only pay twice) N150,000 AND N100,000


If you pay here, you will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp group for registered members.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

For emerging and thriving interior designers, who want to grow and scale their interior design business?

How long is the course?

It is an 8 weeks online coaching course if you opt for this option. We have group coaching calls on zoom once a week.

What if I don’t have time for the coaching?

Not to worry, you can enroll for the online course only and study at your pace.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can pay in 2 installments, however final payments must be before the course commences.

Can I learn enough in 8 weeks?

Off course YES, provided you are ready to put in the work.

Can a newbie take this course?

No, advisable you get a formal training in interior design first. You can check our website for more details or CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFO

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes, you will get one.