Keia Mcswain

Keia McSwain is a focused innovator positioned to be the next trailblazer of the Black Interior Designers Network. A native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ms. McSwain has always had a passion for design.

Although Keia found her passion at an early age, it was her unique experiences and diverse education that allowed her to become the expert talent she is today.

Ms. McSwain earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in English, with a Minor in Writing from Tougaloo College. It was during her senior year at Tougaloo, while she was teaching in private education, that she began to master communication skills to share the aesthetics of interior design.

Ms. McSwain has established strategic partnerships with premier industry leaders such as Design-Trade Services.

With their assistance, she has simplified the transitional period for new interior designers, as well as actualized the annualized budget constraints and eradicated high premiums for the high-end pieces. Ms. McSwain is currently the Owner and Project Manager of Kimberly & Cameron Interiors. Additionally, she serves as the President of the Black Interior Designers Network.

Her persistence and strong leadership has allowed her personal dream of being the impetus to the growth and expansion of BIDN.

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